Cleveland, Boston, SoCal screenings

Date posted: 
March 23, 2009

We're just two days away from the premiere of "One Day" in Cleveland which I'm really looking forward to.

It's always strange to watch something with a room full of strangers after working on it alone for so long. I don't think I ever really imagine that someone will watch these things when I'm making them. Even when I was producing pieces for HBO I somehow imagined no one would see them, so the first time I watched my stuff in a full theater was really cool and bizarre. So hopefully the theater will be full Thursday night--that's always another source of anxiety.

All you coastal folks can mark your April calandar for the East coast and West coast premieres of "One Day." On Saturday, April 18 we'll be at the Boston International Film Festival and on Wednesday, April 29 there's a screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival, about 45 minutes south of LA.

I'm hoping to add one more East coast date in April but we're still firming that up.

Hope to see you out there.