South Florida is next

Date posted: 
April 30, 2009

The film is heading to Delray Beach, FL May 20 and 23 which is especially exciting after watching it play in HDCAM this week in California.

The endless list of video formats is pretty confusing (my friend is planning her wedding and keeps e-mailing me questions about potential cameras to tape the ceremony with) but there really are dramatic differences between them. Until Wednesday I had only seen "One Day in Africa" projected on the big screen from standard definition tapes and seeing it in HD was really exciting and relieving, it just looks SO much better.

So thankfully Delray Beach will be playing the film from an HDCAM tape and hopefully some of you can check it out. Unfortunately I'll be out of the country but if anyone makes it to the screenings please drop me an e-mail and let me know how it went.