Date posted: 
January 5, 2009

Welcome to the newly launched site for “One Day in Africa.” The documentary will begin a film festival run this spring. On March 1, I’ll post the screening schedule.

There’s already plenty to check out on the site. In addition to the trailer we’ve made Profiles of the six people featured in the film with clips from their stories.

One of my main goals in making the film was to convey what life is like for average Africans and it was certainly a challenge to find a handful of people to represent the nearly a billion who call the continent home. But it was important to me to choose subjects like the people I interacted with most often on my five month trip rather than seeking out “the refugee” and “the guy with AIDS.”

By following each of them for just one day the story was more in their hands than mine--I didn’t have endless footage to cobble a story out of, my main task was finding a compelling way to organize what they had said and done in the hours I followed.

There’s a bit more about how I went about that on the Filmmaker page.

I’m still getting to have a dialogue with people about “A Map for Saturday” and I’m looking forward to discussing this new project in the months to come. Hopefully I’ll see some of you out at festivals this spring.